Toyota Introduces Two Steering Wheels in Self Driving Lexus

Many individuals know about the work Google and other companies are doing with their self-driving innovation. Toyota has likewise understood the need for automation technology. They made the news public about its plan of self-driving cars.

Two days prior, the Toyota Company uncovered a new model of their autonomous car. Toyota Research Institute, the Silicon Valley-based branch of the company, has ventured up its game. They have included better sensors, a far better detection system and two steering wheels to influence the change from robot to the human faster.

The car, Lexus LS 600hL, is still in its testing stage. They did not uncover the quantity of cars that are in a testing phase. But they said that they are testing on the streets of Silicon Valley Ann Arbor, Michigan, and Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Toyota Self Driving Car
Image Source: The Verge

There is a huge improvement in the new version as compared to the vehicle revealed by Toyota earlier this year.

Specifications of Toyota Self Driving Car

Guardian and Chauffeur are two of the TRI research self-driving systems of the car. Chauffer is Toyota’s work in the equipped for Level 4 autonomy, where the self-driving system of the car is constrained to certain geological ranges, and Level 5, where the car can work anyplace and a wide range of conventional terrains.

The second framework, the Guardian, is for the help of the driver. It is there to caution the driver of the potential dangers. It can venture in to avoid mishaps and prevent the car from crashing.

Luminar has designed the LIDAR laser sensors for the car. The company built these laser sensors in a custom manner for Toyota.

Toyota Self Driving Car
Image Source: The Verge


Toyota does not compromise on safety.

“The usability and safety are really important to us, and Toyota in general,” said James Kuffner, chief technology officer at TRI. “We believe that driver observing innovation to essentially affirm that a driver is locked in is a critical piece of conveying this innovation securely”. He included, “ Our research vehicle model we believe is the most insightful car on the planet.”

At Toyota, they realize that for individuals to consider them seriously, they have guaranteed the users that their vehicle is safe and has the ability to manage the unforeseen circumstances.

The National Safety Board in America issued a notice to all companies which are working on autonomous cars in response to the car accident which occurred a year ago with a Tesla driver. Toyota is finding a way to persuade them regarding the safety of the car.

Furthermore, Kauffner said that they have over-engineered the car to make it safe. A trained safety operator can take the control in dangerous situations with the second steering wheel. Toyota has worked with all the best organizations for their autonomous parts. It is to make sure that none of the car parts causes any issue.

Toyota Self Driving Car
Image Source: The Verge


Numerous car companies are partnering with Waymo, Uber and Lyft to accelerate their production of autonomous cars but Toyota is keen on finishing the task all alone with no associations. However, they said that they are excited in regards to their vehicle and it will be in market in its own time.


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