The Evolution of Travelling

Ever since the dawn of humanity and the evolution of the cognitive thinking of the human brain. Men is the most dominant species of the Planet. Our ancestors fifty to sixty thousand years ago were foragers. Their primary drive for the need of traveling was often the disability of their territory to provide sufficient food due to numerous reasons. That, or sometimes the less dominant members of the tribes would be excluded and forced to leave the lands.

Through time, traveling would become their habit

and they would often join bands of other stray people and form their tribes. The only purpose of which would be to travel the lands. A habit they had matured by that time and couldn’t leave. These wandering tribes are the only reason mankind was able to spread itself from the plains of Africa to the entire globe.


It is no less a wonder that these traveling habits which had well developed themselves to be a tradition. Now they forced humanity to venture into the seas. furthermore to use their ever-evolving intelligence to master its tides. In an unusual feat, the man suddenly found himself roaming. They roam through the plains of Australia this place was saperate from the rest of the world. therefore, men was far from it. By great lengths of oceans between them and the access of which was solely gained due to man’s boldness to venture into the seas.

Approximately twelve thousand years ago

Like Wildfire they spread through the Earth. They hit suddenly with the agricultural revolution which swayed human interest into more organized civilizations, most of which didn’t seem as interested as the rest to leave their lands due to tradition and desire alone. This wildfire of human expansion stunted in progress ever since the arrival of the agricultural revolution. It is, however, safe to say that the ancient foragers are a significant reason man was able to occupy a corner of this planet ever.

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