Deserts in the World

The Desert is an area in which limited forms of life can exist because of deficiency of water, or absence of soil. Almost 1/3 of the Earth’s surface is a desert with insufficient rainfall that supports only a little foliage and a limited population of people and animals. The arid regions are called deserts because they are dry. They may be hot or cold. They may be regions of sand and stony sprinkled with rare plants. However, deserts are always dry. Here I listed different deserts in the world.

The Sahara Desert

Sahara is the most extensive desert which covers one-third of the African continent. Before thousand years ago, this vast area was lush grassland. Suddenly something happens wrong, and the Green Sahara changed into a desert. Now, there is enough indication to show that the Sahara desert had once grassland ecology and was much water place than it is today.

The name ‘Sahara’ derived from Arabic which means “The Greatest Desert.” The Sahara is crudely the size of continental United States. The interesting fact about the Sahara Desert is that it is famous as the most central desert in the world. According to the definition, a desert is an area which receives less than 10 inches of precipitation per year. The Antarctica and the Arctic qualify as deserts and more massive than the Sahara, but the Sahara is a most abundant hot desert. The warmest temperature recorded in the Sahara Desert is 58°C (136°F).



The Namib Desert

It lies in the countries of Namibia, Angola, and South Africa, stretching for 2000 km along the Atlantic Coast. It is also known as the oldest desert in the world. This wilderness is 55 to 80 million years old.

Here you will find ‘The Skeleton Coast,’ so-called for the several seal and whale bones that could wash up on the shore during the trade of whaling. Now in modern times, the name more relevant to the skeletal remains of shells which line the coast, caught off-guard by the dark fog that rolls in off the Atlantic at night. It is the land of epic cinematic landscapes featuring some of the world’s tallest dunes.

source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk



The Cholistan Desert

The Cholistan is the famous desert in Pakistan. The word ‘CHOL’ comes from the Turkish language which means desert. So, the meaning of Cholistan is Land of the Desert. It is also known as ‘Rohi’ and covers the area of Bahawalpur, Punjab. It includes almost an area of 26300 square kilometers.

The culture of Cholistan is lovely. The men wear bright color turbans, and the women wear colorful clothes with very modest embroidery which is the specialty of this area. The most prominent source of income is cattle breeding and its related business. Around 1.6 million cattle originate in this area, and they can increase if the government puts its significant effort to upgrade the productivity of that area.Desert in the World




 The Desert Safari

Desert Safari lies in Dubai, and it is famous for its excellent adventures. If you visit Dubai, you must visit The Desert Safari. Here you can enjoy quad biking, dune bashing, sand boarding and camel riding. You can enjoy belly dance, tanoura dance, and BBQ dinner.Desert in the World

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