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Turkey is known as a gateway between Asia and Europe. Black sea borders it, the Marmara Sea and the Aegean Sea. Its official name is the Republic of Turkey, and its capital is Ankara.

Its official language is Turkish, and its total area is 780,580 square kilometers, and its population is 68 million. 99% Muslims are living here, and 1% people belong to other religions.

Climate and Temperature

If you are planning your vacations in Turkey, it’s a good idea to check the average temperature in Turkey. Depending upon the season and which city you want to visit, you can expect to find the different temperature in Turkey. The country can be divided into following regions by climate.

  • At Marmara sea in Istanbul, hot summer and mild winter
  • At Black sea in Trabzon, warm summers, mild winters and high rainfall
  • In Central Anatolia in Ankara, dry summer and cold winter
  • At Aegean sea in Izmir, hot summer and mild winter
  • In Eastern Anatolia in Erzurum, long snowy, cold winter, and warm summer
  • At Mediterranean sea in Antalya, hot summer and mild winter

    Blue mosque Turkey
    pic Source: holeinthedonut.com

Sultan Ahmed Mosque

Sultan Ahmed Mosque or Sultan Ahmet mosque is known as a blue mosque by many tourists because of its bluish decoration. It is the most famous mosque of Istanbul in the old city center. It was built by Sultan Ahmed 1 in 1609-1616. Sultan Ahmed 1 started the construction of mosque when he was nineteen years old. When it was done, he died after one year of its completion at the age of twenty-seven.

A madrasa, hospital, primary school, market and the tomb of Ahmed 1 is also a part of this mosque. Sultan Ahmed 1, his wife and three sons are buried near the mosque.

It has 260 stained glass windows, and 20,000 hands painted blue tiles are used at the top of the mosque. Furthermore, the mosque is famous for its six minarets, one large dome, and eight smaller domes. The mosque is open to visitors during the day but closes for a short time during prayers.

If it’s possible, a small donation is accepted before exiting the mosque, which is used for repair and maintenance work. During the summer nights, light and sound shows are organized in the park next to the mosque.




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