Bad News for those travelers who travel for smuggling

I am going to disclose news for you that will be quite hurting that you are going to miss any chance for smuggling anything to Pakistan.

Are you think about the about why’s and how’s?

Ultimately, here is your answer, that Qatari citizen arrested at Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore purportedly trying to smuggle nine falcons which have worth of more than Rs50 million, on Tuesday.


Khalid Ghayas Khan the director general of Punjab wildlife department said.

“Ahmed Hussain Ali Muhammad-ul-Saada was  the suspect. He hides the Falcons in a large black container. Vigilance Police arrested him. he was under arrest by a vigilance police team deployed at the airport.”


Furthermore, he said:

The wildlife department has issued a challan to Muhammad-ul-Saada in harmony with the Punjab Wildlife Act 1974.

In addition, he assured that the department of Punjab Wildlife will do every thing to save wildlife. Furthermore, they will do everything to destroy bad lousy plan that endangers wildlife.


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