AirAsia Flight To Kuala Lumpur Forced To Return To Australian Airport

AirAsia plane starts “shaking like a washing machine”


This was really frightening moment for the Plane passengers. They felt this terrifying moment will be last moment of their life when plane starts shaking like a vibrator or washing machine. Vibration of plane continuously 90 minutes makes passengers very afraid.

AirAsia Flight to Kuala Lumpur Required Returning to Australian Airport due to shaking problem of plane. Plane was under danger about 90 minutes.No doubt it was awful situation but Miracle also exists.

AirAsia flight to Kuala Lumpur forced to return to Australian airport after technical issue caused violent shaking. The plane landed safely. pic.twitter.com/Nvdazdrgmr

— ABC News (@ABC) June 25, 2017

Some of the passengers told most of the people was afraid and tried to contact their relatives in this panic situation. Everyone prayed for their life.

As American Airline face an incident before “american passenger dies in air


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